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If a couple of fertile age are having difficulty getting pregnant under their first or second year trying, they may be among the  10–15 % of couples who need help getting pregnant. It is not uncommon for there to be many different factors contributing to the infertility. 

Ragardless of the reason(s) for the infertility, it can almost always be solved by one or more fertility treatments, such as through a donation. Swedish MedCare offers a wide range of fertility treatments depending on your situation.

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AMRA® Profiler är ett verktyg som ger stöd vid diagnos och övervakning av metabola och muskel-relaterade sjukdomar. AMRA omvandlar 3D MR bilder från en snabb helkropps-scan till kvantitativa fett- och muskelvärden. 

AMRA® Profiler avger ingen joniserande strålning, och ger exceptionell mätnoggranhet och precision vid mätning av individens fett och muskler, samt fett-fördelning och metabol status. Med detta verktyg kan vi se högt visceralfett och dålig fett-fördelning och däri upptäcka ökad risk för typ II Diabetes och hjärt- kärlsjukdomar. 

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The Journey towards A Growing Family


Cross-border healthcare service 

Our IVF patients' situations are often very different, but the end goal is always the same - a new addition to the family. As every patient's journey is different, it is hard to put a single price on our treatments. However, the price you are quoted for our services, is so-called "all inclusive"

This means that as a patient you receive a package deal that includes all fertility manipulations during your treatment in Riga, medications you are given by us (in addition to those that are bought in Sweden), lodging at one of our partner hotels centrally located in Riga, as well as a personal SMC assistant during your stay. This way you never need to worry about what the final cost will be, as you will get a package deal from the start, and can then plan accordingly. 

Price: varies (depending on treatment)


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Our Fertility Treatments

Our Fertility Clinic

Conventional IVF/ICSI

Treatment suitable for those in fertile age but who for one or more reasons have not been able to get pregnant. If the cause of the infertility lies with the male, it is possible to conduct PESA or Micro-TESE. For those cases where a male partner is not present, donated sperm can be used. For IVF with own eggs the embryo growth period is between 3 and 5 days depending on the number of fertilised eggs. 

Egg Donation

A suitable solution for those cases where the woman is past fertile age or the egg quality is low. You can choose between using your "own" donor or sharing a donor with another couple. For the first round the clinic guarantees 12 donor eggs, and for the second round 6 donor eggs. When using egg donation embryos are let to grow until the 5th day (blastocyst), which allows only viable embryos to be used or frozen.  

Egg and Sperm Donation

Also called embryo donation. A suitable solution for situations where the woman has passed or lost fertility and does not have a male partner, or where both partners are infertile. Choice between matching egg and sperm donor, or using embryos from our embryo bank. All embryos in the bank are blastocysts and frozen with the vitrification method.

Freezing Eggs

Thanks to the vitrification method it is possible to freeze egg cells without losing their quality. This enables women, who for various reasons choose to postpone their pregnancy, to keep their fertility through so-called personal donation”.

PGS NGS 360 – Preimplantation Genetic SCREENING

There may be different reasons for failed IVF treatment, such as abnormal amounts of chromosomes in the genetic material. Transfer of an embryo with abnormalities can result in a baby born with disease or disabilities, such as Down's Syndrome, Patau, or Edward's Syndrome, and in most cases these pregnancies result in a miscarriage. The risk of chromosomal abnormalities grows with age and is considered one of the most common reasons for failure to become pregnant after the women has turned 35 years of age. 

PGS is a screening method that enables us to examine the embryo's genetic contents before it is transferred to the uterus. On day 3, one or two cells are safely taken from the the embryo for genetic analysis. The embryo is not harmed by this and can continue to grow normally. The results of the analysis are ready after a few weeks, so the embryo is frozen is can be used in the next menstrual cycle.  

Swedish MedCare's offices are located centrally in Riga, in Latvia. Our fertility clinic is located in a calm and quiet area, 10 minutes by car from the airport, and 20 minutes from the city centre. The clinic and its green courtyard gives of a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where you as a patient can feel comfortable and personally cared for. 

We are equipped with all the latest technology, and treatments are conducted with precision as well as care. The SMC fertility clinic has a very high standard, which can be seen through our many certificates, local as well as international, that are decorating our walls. 

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The SMC IVF program is led by Per Sundström, founder of the Cura clinic in Malmö, and was one of the pioneers of IVF in Sweden, and whose team was behind the second IVF conceived baby born in Scandinavia.  

Our team consists of doctors and specialists with over 15 years experience of receiving IVF patients both locally and internationally. For PGD/PGS cases, our clinic partners with world renowned laboratories in Belgium, Russia, and Poland. 

The clinic's medical director Valeria Magomedova (Godunova) is the chairman of the ”Society of Reproductologists and Embryologists of Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstericians”, and a member of ESHERE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), “Baltic Reproduction Association”, and “Russian Association of Human Production”.

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Our Team

"I hired Swedish MedCare in last fall and I am so happy with the professional support they gave me, and their work with their clinic in Riga. Always helpful and quick to answer any questions. And the best of all, I had my daughter on the first try and can recommend everyone to try them."

- Anna, Stockholm

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Our goal is to give as many patients as possible the joy of a new addition to the family, regardless of their gender or sexual preferences. We receive all patients seeking our help, and treat them all with the same respect, professionalism, and care. 


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We take care of all logistics and bookings, and will be available for guidance through the whole process. 

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